Elbow Tendonitis Weight Lifting

Elbow Tendonitis Weight Lifting: What Causes Tendonitis Elbow Pain and How To Treat It?. http://www.facebook.com/Datsnotsexy Buy My Shirts :) http://www.datsnotsexy.com The most important way to treat tendonitis is to just rest and let it heal on…

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16 thoughts on “Elbow Tendonitis Weight Lifting

  1. TarHeelNation89

    Thanks Alex. I started to take fish oil last week. I, also, have been doing some stretching. I hope to go back and lift light within the next two weeks. I am starting to notice some improvement. I even bought a tennis elbow brace. I wear it at work.

  2. Alex Diaz

    do some stretching,nerve flossing and take some fish oils to help with inflammation. Recovery time depends on the individuals lifestyle and habits.

  3. TarHeelNation89

    I have taken a month off from lifting upper body, and my tennis elbow still hurts with certain movements or if i move something a little heave. How long does it take to heal so that I can get back to lifting upper body?

  4. PhillyFan4Life1

    I had same thing jon I had to get surgery. Yes its the Luna nerve aka funny bone..but nothing funny about it my arm hasn’t been the same since. The surgery is called ulna reposition. My fingers would get numb. .surgery did work..but lifting weights was never the same. Now I have tennis elbow in the same arm…fml

  5. JonB1718

    What about if I feel when doing Triceps extensions, (on my right arm) when on the way down, the “funny bone” seems to kind of pop over my bone, I believe its the ulna…? Shift towards the “left”…

  6. vieyra2249

    As I attempt to straighten my elbow it “gets stuck” I power thru and it pops. I feel minimal pain but I do feel a pull when I straighten my arm. I have stopped weight lifting due to the pain. What could it be.

  7. Alex Diaz

    if you search in my channel i have about 3 videos on this which can help you. I dont like to repeat myself knowing i have lots of videos which can help :D hope you get better


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